Feb 27 2009

More MMA Fighters Need To Do This Heavy Bag Drill.

I’m working with more and more mma fighters and I one area I focus on is defense.  Too many mma fighters are stationary targets and that’s why they get caught and KO’d.

I like to use this drill to teach them to stay sharp while punching the heavy bag, while also working on defense by moving laterally out of the way. See for yourself.

Feb 23 2009

Taking Care Of Business While Building it.

Miguel Cotto and Kelly  Pavlik both did what they had to do last weekend in crushing their over matched cannon fodder appropriately. Many still wonder if both of their recent losses  still affect them since their opponents didn’t pose much of a threat. They didn’t pose a threat because there’s nothing fucking lingering with Miguel and Kelly. Both put those losses behind them in their performances.  Weak opposition or not,  it’s time the media does the same.


While the opposition didn’t prove much Kelly proved he’s still a great draw with the rabid crowd that gathered to watch him lay hands in Youngstown Ohio.  Cotto also had a decent draw with near 12,000 people seated in Madison Square Garden in NYC.  Not bad for the weak opponent he faced.


Both made deposits for future fights against REAL opposition. When they step it up in their next fights expect more fans to step up to the box office to watch. Fighting in these fight hub markets is of supreme importance and it’s great to see that Bob Arum gets it. He’s rebuilding his two stars while increasing their current and future market value.  Current by getting them KO wins, ( Yes I know they were in soft, it still doesn’t matter ) . Future by wanting fans to see more when they’re in big fights.

Now that last weekend is out of the way both fighters can get back to real business by fighting the best opposition possible and available.

For boxing to keep it’s great momentum going it needs to stage fights in these hot fight markets more often. That’s why the Marquez-Diaz fight is going to be crazy… People LOVE their boxing in Houston Texas!

*** It was great to hear that Dallas Vargas won by 3rd round tko on the Pavlik-Rubio under card. I fought Dallas three times in the amateurs. He’s a gritty and tough fighter.

*** Speaking of Marquez-Diaz, I think it’s really going to be a better fight than most anticipate. Look for both fighters to put on great performances as both will bring out the best in each other.

*** I hear that Veron Forrest is in the mix to fight Kelly next. Under sized or not… Vernon can still fight and cause Kelly some major problems. I don’t like that fight for Kelly at all.

Feb 20 2009

Gym Notes: In Boxing There’s No Faking It Until You Make It.

Everyone that owns and runs a fight school sooner or later gets the hot shot kid that comes in the gym and says he’s this and that and has done this or that.

The kid is often in front of the mirror shadow boxing and peppering the bag with fast combos along with an arrogant smile.

Talk is talk of course. One quick way to find out what you have in a cocky kid is put him in sparring with a more experience fighter. I’m not saying that the more experience fighter should beat the kids ass, just test him and show what the kid really is.

This happened the other day. I knew what I had when the kid came in the gym. That sparring session made him realize what and where he really is too.

I’m getting busier by the week and I don’t have time to play games and listen to macho shit from any developing fighter. It’s a must to have experience fighters in the gym who know how to test but not destroy a kid that’s getting too big for his britches.

You often see wanna be fighters faking it in front of the mirror shadow boxing and working the heavy bag that doesn’t hit back… But the charade is over when the kid faces reality in the ring. There’s never no faking it in there when sparring with experience.

Yeah, the kid in my gym that got a does of reality doesn’t do that macho shit in front of the mirror anymore… Now he’s working on his weaknesses and taking training far more serious.

A dose of serious sparring is powerful in more ways than one!

Feb 16 2009

Out To Prove He’s Not Shot.

I for one am sick and tired of hearing all this fucking ridiculous talk of Cotto being damaged goods. Damn, he loses one tough fight and everyone wonders what he has left? Huh?! This is boxing,when you fight the best, expect hard  rough fights.

Margarito didn’t beat Cotto’s ass early in the fight, he beat Cotto up as he fatigued. It would be totally different in Antonio dominated him from the first bell on when Cotto was fresh. Cotto was so fatigued he couldn’t do shit as Margarito tore into hi,. I’m not taking nothing away from Antonio, just that Cotto helped by gassing out.

Cotto knew he fucked up in that fight. It was a costly and painful lesson. He needs to master how to fight a whole twelve rounds without wearing down.

Don’t expect Michael Jennings to cause Cotto any problems. I expect Miguel to make a huge statement in this fight ( as big of one as he can aginst this level of opposition ) so to silent the doubters.

On the other PPV card I expect Kelly to come back with a mean vengeance in the middle weight division. Rubio is the perfect cannon fodder to make Kelly look good. Rubio can bang a bit so it’ll be fun while it lasts.

** Weekend Wrap Up**
No way Martinez-Cintron was a draw! Sergio was robbed of a KO as well. Ref Frank Santore did an awful job blowing that call and taking a point away from Sergio late in the fight.

Nate Campbell can kiss his career good bye by losing his titles on the scale and escaping with a gift decision. Funeka won that fight. Nate brings nothing to the table with his move up to 140. I just don’t understand why he couldn’t make the weight.

Angulo is stilla work in progress and he proves that he’s more hype than anything right now. Shaw will have to match him perfectly if he wants Angulo’s 0 to stay.

I also agree with Antonio and his trainer being suspended. I agree with Cotto saying Margarito shouldn’t fight anywhere instead of being banned form the USA for a year.  I mean that’s some serious shit they tried to pull.  Arum’s full of shit, Antonio knew what was up that night.