Jan 12 2009

You Better Be Adding This To Your Training For Improved Boxing Performance.

I was asked recently how important I thought massage was to a fighters performance. In my opinion and what I see is that fighters don’t get enough how quality deep tissue work. Deep tissue work is vital to keeping trigger points ( tight taut knots of muscle tissue ) from limiting your boxing performance.

I know a quality deep tissue therapist is expensive but you can also look into a massage therapy school and pay half the price that you would for an experienced therapist. Keep in mind you get what you pay for and the quality won’t be as good as comes with an experienced therapist but it beats nothing at all.

Another alternative is using a foam roller to address tissue quality. The foam roller is great for improving mobility as well. It’s a wonderful simple tool for recovery and improving tissue quality that’ll lessen the chance of any soft tissue injuries that can happen in training.

Bottom line, get some deep tissue work done or roll to increase your chance of making it to the fight without a hidden injury.

Jan 9 2009

Are you really mastering the basics in your boxing training workouts?

Tonight on Friday Night Fights Bernard Hopkins and Teddy Atlas noted on how many of todays fighters lack the basics in a huge way. Everyone wants to be a Roy Jones Jr. or Floyd Mayweather Jr.

They were gifted fighters, gifted with awesome reflexes and speed. Floyd got out because his well was drying up and we have been seeing what has been happening to Roy. His reflexes are gone and he has NO basics to fall back as Hopkins pointed out.

Take your time. Master the basics like footwork. Learn the art of boxing. Building that base and mastering the basics ensures longevity as Hopkins displays.

I take my time with my fighters always going back a step once we take a small step forward. This is the sweet science baby. Train like it is!

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Jan 5 2009

A Must Have Training Tool For Your Boxing Training Workouts.

Not as many gyms as you may think have uppercut bags. The uppercut is a very neglected and underdeveloped punch. Great fighters master it and know what it can do.

In this video clip below I teach you the basics on how to work the uppercut bag.

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Jan 2 2009

Gym Notes: Bend Your Knees and Don’t Box So Rigid.

I’m working with a 6’6 heavyweight on footwork, stance, and not being so rigid when he moves. This is particularly important when he slips punches. A common bad habit for a lot of fighters is bending at the waste and not the knees. Kelly Pavlik did this in his loss against Bernard Hopkins. That was one of the first things Bernard told Kelly to improve.

You have better balance, more rhythm, are less of a target ( especially if you’re tall ), and you can counter better when bending the knees. Do you have this problem? Do you even look to see if you do? That’s what the mirror is for when shadow boxing. Check yourself next time you’re in front of a mirror shadow boxing. If you’re boxing rigid correct that and watch how much better you become.

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