Nov 24 2008

Adding and Not Taking Away. Floyd Sr. Knows What He’s Doing.

I gotta give Floyd Sr. his props. Ricky looked a lot better last weekend with his improved head movement, lead right hand and right upper cut inside.

This was much needed improvement and with only seven weeks to prepare Floyd Sr. had Ricky ready for what really was a make or break fight. With his improved style Ricky has added at least another good year maybe two to his boxing life.

I was hoping not to see Ricky rolling his left shoulder and twisting to much with his torso to try and evade shots. It was kinda of a surprise to see Ricky still smother his opponents with his blitzkrieg style while banging away at anything he could. Many thought Ricky would perhaps take a more cautious route with Floyd. That wasn’t the case as the much needed head movement along with his aggressive style was still present.

Floyd Sr. is smarter than I thought. He’s adding the obvious to Ricky while making sure not to take away his trade mark style that he’s famous for. The damage has already been done though due to Ricky’s horrible lifestyle. That’s another story in itself.

Floyd Sr. was hired because team Hatton wants to preserve what little ring life they have. From the looks of it and with more time to work together it looks like that goal will be accomplished.

I just hope with the added time we don’t see Ricky trying to do what Oscar did working with Floyd. That’s emulate the style that made his son Floyd Jr. great. That’s not going to happen with Ricky.

All Floyd has to keep doing is add while not taking away and he’ll be making more big money along with Ricky.

Nov 21 2008

The Incredible Expanding Fighter.

Paul Williams resembles a marvel comic character with the way he can incredible expand up weight classes yet slim right back down into them. Paul has a very unique tall fame that seems to allow him to achieve these feats with ease. I stress seems because it will catch up with him if his management isn’t careful.

Paul made a move up to middleweight to test the waters against a cannon fodder opponent. Paul blasted his opponent out with ease and seemed to carry the added weight with ease but we can judge him on that fight.

Now he’s back down to Jr. Middleweight to battle crafty Verno Phillips for the WBO trap. I think 154 is a great division for Paul. Middleweight is where the big money is for Paul with less risk to his health and longevity.

What I’m saying is that Maragrito balked at a 4 million dollar offer and Mosley balked at another million dollar offer. This is a goods thing in a way for Paul because I feel it takes too much out of him to make 147.

Yo yoing up and down in weight classes is too hard on the body particularly when you go too low. I feel 147 is and that’s the reason that Quintana beat Paul at 147. Paul was loosing too much muscle to make the weight. It’s very hard on a fighters endocrine system to do this as well and if a fighter keeps shit like this up they quickly shorten their careers and end up with thyroid disorders.

So unlike the marvel heroes, fighters take a huge risk to their health, longevity, and getting beat ( being to weak from making the weight ) by performing such feats. I think it’s great that Paul wants to test different divisions, hell homicide Henry Armstrong held three titles in three divisions at the same time, but 154 is as low as Paul should go with 168 as high.

I will say though that if there is one fighter who could possible do what Armstrong did, it’s Paul.

Nov 17 2008

Larry Knows Best.?

I know it usually takes everyone a few hours to figure out what the fuck Larry was saying or even meant with his parting thoughts, but this weekend he was right on the money with saying he would like to see Jermain Taylor right back in the ring.

Taylor was never a busy fighter and although he looked very good against a shot Jeff Lacy he needs to jump right back in the ring to gain his swagger back. It looks like 168 is going to be a great stop for Jermain but we’ll know more with another fight.

Lets hope Jermain doesn’t stall his progress by waiting six months before fighting again. If I was his brain trust I would get him back in the ring before years end. It would be wise to have him sharp and ready for some big fights in upcoming 09.

Activity is just what Jermain seems to need at this point of his career. Larry didn’t have me scratching my head and reaching for another beer to ponder where he was going. That was a pleasant surprise and nice for a change!

Nov 13 2008

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