Prioritize and Focus: Know what you are training for and do it.

I get many questions from aspiring fighters how to modify certain strength training systems/templates so they can still produce big numbers yet train in fight sports at the same time. Or they’ll say that they are a fighter but they’re focusing more on power lifting.

What?! So they wanna train like a power lifter and yet master boxing or whatever fighting art they are training in at the same time? I question this and obviously don’t recommend it because it can’t be done. It makes NO sense. They shouldn’t try to fool themselves in trying.

For one to master any fighting art it takes more than 1-2 hours of training a day 2-3days per week. You HAVE to immerse yourself in the training to fully grasp it and make any progress in it at all. I’ll say this one last time… YOU CAN’T be a power lifter and fighter at the same time. They both will detract from one another and halt any real progress you can make in either one.

If you wanna be a power lifer then power lift. If you want to be a fighter then focus your training on fighting. It takes HUGE focus and commitment to make it to the top in either one. You can’t do this by being a part time athlete in both sports.

A lot of aspiring fighters have been missing the boat on what purpose strength training serves in their training. Strength training is TO SUPPLEMENT not compete with skill training. LESS is more. Focus on doing more with less. Going over board in both leaves a fighter burned out and broken down. You can’t expect to be pushing big numbers in power lifting if you’re getting banged up in skill training.

Prioritize, focus, then commit and you’ll enjoy success in whatever you choose. Choose it and do it. Just don’t do both cause you’ll set your self up for a lot of heart ache, failure and pain.

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