Sep 13 2008

How to Develop Explosive KO Power in Your Left Hook.

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Sep 10 2008

How to be better prepared in your boxing strength training workouts.

When it comes to training do you guys think in terms of using tools or using one training philosophy? I hope your heads aren’t welded shut and you learn to use different tools depending on the different goals you have in your training.

Just like in a fight, fighting one style will get you success up to a point. But being a well rounded fighter allows you to achieve more. So as it is in training. We need to take from the different training methods/philosophies out there and add them to our training to ensure even more gains than following one training system.

Fighters often up their game when they get out of their comfort zone and study another art adding to their game and calling on that added skill in a fight when needed. That’s how performance enhancement training should be. Learn from the different training methods out there so you have the proper and ideal training tools necessary to call upon when the goal or situation demands them the most.

Sep 8 2008

Are the bigger fighters disappearing from the US?

Alywn Cosgrove emailed me and commented on when he looked at Ring mags top 10 rankings only two American heavyweights were ranked. Only one cruiserweight… What the fuck is going on here? I’ll tell you what….

I’ve talked to my other friends and fellow coaches about this all the time… They’re all playing basketball and football!

Look…. Boxing particularly amateur gyms need to do a better job at marketing! Give these kids WHILE they are young a choice of WHAT to do.. Not just to decide football cause that’s all they see!

I don’t believe in making it hard to find or enter a gym.. by referral, interview any of that shit when it comes to boxing gyms.. The weak will get weeded right away…The diamond in the roughs are the kids wandering around the streets cause they think they don’t have anything else to turn too… Team sports aren’t for them as they are seen as out casts… OR you the genetically gifted kids who choose football or basket ball cause that’s ALL they see!

Boxing needs to be put in their face to get them to look at it.. boxing has what the other sports don’t INDIVIDUAL glory… No one to blame for failure and no one to share success with but yourself! This isn’t greed.. it’;s a challenge and true competitiveness to the fullest with the utmost satisfying hight that YOU did it! Something in you was brought out…that wasn’t developed before.. sure you get that out of some team sports but boxing is the truth in this…

BUT with better marketing must be GOOD coaches to develop the future of boxing,, Let me ask you this.. How many potential future heavy weights have been scared out of gyms cause they were pushed to fast to spar? I guarantee you many! How do we know there isn’t many big fighters entering boxing gyms? How do we know they aren’t being pushed out as fast as they are entering cause of the lack of quality coaching?!

It comes back to systems and progression… The foreign countries have this set up where the fighter is brought through the system while being developed…There is trust AND honor in their pro and amateur boxing programs…

We don’t have that here and we don’t have it in the kids faces to give them a choice to be our future heavyweights…

The more trust, the more word of mouth which is the best marketing…. the more full the gyms will be…with numbers comes the more potential that a future heavyweight will be born from a good coaches system… A good system doesn’t mean shit without numbers/bodies…The more fighters that succeed through this system the more kids that see and hear about this will want to do it…The future is born here in my opinion….

Sep 5 2008

Louie Simmons talking explosive power training for boxing .

Here’s an interview I did with Lou a while ago.. Lou stopped by my new gym and we’re doing another video interview for my but I wanted to share this clip with you.

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