Apr 14 2008

Two Of The Best Body Snatchers In Boxing Displaying The Lost Art of Working The Body… You better be watching!

Magarito showed last weekend in his big win over Kermit Cintron what a great body attack does for a fighter. Having a great body attack will eventually end the fight quick with the opponent twisting with pain on the canvass. Magarito placed that fight ending body shot perfectly and it’s fights like this that young fighters must take note of quality body work.

Another fierce body puncher in Miguel Cotto also took care of business last Saturday night. Miguel rips the body HARD and has honed this craft better than any other fighter in the welterweight division, even Margarito I believe. Cotto gets so much damn leverage in his body shots and it’s the way he sets them up that make them even harder to deal with.

That is why it’s so important to watch body snatchers like Cotto and Magarito go to work. You really see the lost art of setting a fighter up for the energy zapping body shots at its best. There’s more to body work than whacking away at a fighters mid section.

Come July when Cotto and Magarito fight one another it will be a night of savage body work on display. Great in fighting is something to behold and model. Trainers and fighters of all ages can and will learn something that you do see often at its finest come July. I know my eyes will be glued to the TV watching these two body snatchers going to work.

PS…. I had Glen Johnson beating Chad Dawson. It’s a damn shame that Johnson is probably the most robbed fighter ever in boxing! At near 40 years of age, the dude landed the harder leather and was strong and resilient as hell in the later rounds. Johnson is another old school fighter to watch. He masterfully blocks and rolls with punches, then is in great position to counter with his own hard, not pitty pat punches. That is what boxing is about and it’s a damn shame that he isn’t being awarded the decision for his great work.

Apr 10 2008

A Great Fighter To Model In Your Boxing Training Workouts.

In my previous post I talked about how Aaron is such a great student of boxing. Well James Toney was too. Watch his high light clip below and watch the old school techniques and moves he displayed against GREAT opposition. Jame’s second trainer Bill Miller would lend James tapes of Jersey Joe Walcott, Archie Moore, Ezzard Charles, Sugar Ray Robinson and Rocky Marciano. James would study and break their movements down on video while adding those old school skills to his own style in the gym with relentless practice.

The result is what you see in this clip. Look at how James rolls, dips, slides, and counters punches in close quarters. Look at how he effectively fought of the ropes. Watch the Barkley fight and how James would pivot while chopping Iran Barkley up in the inside with body head combos while constantly turning Iran. Brilliant skills and James will tell you he owes this to his passionate study of the past old time greats.

Tell me, what other fighter today displays skills like this besides Mayweather? If you want to save some study time, watch a prime James Toney go to work. Then do what he did, bring the skills to life in the gym with hard work.
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Apr 5 2008

Boxing Training Doesn’t Stop At The Gym For Hungry and Developed Fighters.

Aaron Williams looked sensation last night in his impressive KO win against experienced Andere Purlette on ESPN 2’s Friday Night Fights. Aaron’s fast track development can be attributed to his constant study of old fight films of some of the greatest fighters ever. Fighters like Sugar Ray Robinson, Archie Moore, Ezzard Charles to name a few. Aaron just doesn’t stop his boxing training at the gym, his study of the all time greats has allowed him to progress rapidly in skill and style as a young pro.

Studying film is so over looked in young boxers training in this day and age it seems. Many fighters just want to get the training over with at the gym and go on to other things they like to do. They don’t make boxing an evolving study and practise that can mold them into a more complete fighter. This is often seen in their stalled or limited development in skills.

When you see a young fighter like Aaron Williams who looks better and better with experienced fighters, there’s usually a lot of extra work on his part going on outside the gym. His studying of the all time greats allow him to raise the bar on his own skills and performance against experienced fighters earing him the high praise that goes with it. When he competes in his first world title fight it may appear that he’s been there before based on his performance. When that happens you’ll know why.