Mar 17 2008

Learn Jim "Smitty" Smith’s Advanced Training Secrets for Explosive Strength and Power in Combat Core.

My Buddy Smitty has just released a new kick ass MUCH needed product called Combat Core, Advanced Training Secrets for Explosive Strength and Power.

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It’s been reviewed by the best in the business and we all are VERY impressed and thankful that Jim as created this product. Everything you need to develop explosive strength and power is in this ebook.

I recently had a chance to sit down with Jim Smith, CSCS of the Diesel Crew and the author of I was able to get the low down on his new product and talk to him about what “real” strength is all about.

Rob Pilger: Jim, First off, thanks for the interview. What do you think is the biggest mistake most trainers make when trying to develop core strength?

JS: Most trainers focus on what I have dubbed building strength of movement patterns. What they fail to realize is that this is only one piece of the total puzzle. Building strength in the gym with movements like leg lifts, sit-ups, reverse sit-ups and so on…is a compliment to a bigger, more comprehensive core strength program. There are other criteria that make up the rest of the pyramid that I have established in .

Rob Pilger: What, in your opinion, is the biggest myth concerning abdominal programs?

JS: For trainers, I would point to my previous response. For the general public and even athletes, I would say that they believe that “more is better.” They believe, if they do 1000 crunches each workout, they will get ripped abs. Of course, the real answer is that being able to display a sick set of abs is the direct result of low body fat levels. If you want abs, you better get the fat off that is covering them.

Rob Pilger: How does core strength affect back pain and posture?

JS: Your abdominals and back musculature work together to stabilize and protect the spine, hips and pelvis. If any of these muscle groups (and surrounding structures) are weak, posture is affected and sometimes the muscles (groups) become inhibited which causes the secondary movers to become overactive or on-tension. This will inevitably lead to injury and poor performance. Building torso strength by incorporating compound exercises that activate many muscle groups at the same time, teaches the lifter or athlete to move their body as a single, coordinated unit. Isolated exercises tend to lead to imbalances if used too much.

Rob Pilger: How has your abdominal training strategies changed over the years?

JS: I used to think that by throwing in a couple sets of sit-ups or leg raises at the end of the workout was enough torso strengthening work. But over the years as I have gained experience and continued to study performance, I have developed a new, more comprehensive training model specific to athletes. The same attention and effort that you put in to planning your primary training sessions, you must also spend on designing your core training strategies.

About the Author
Jim Smith is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist who writes for Men’s Fitness and the Elite Q/A Staff. Jim has been involved in strength training as a performance enhancement specialist for over 8 years and has worked with athletes from various sports who compete at various levels. He has published articles about his unique training style and innovative methods for many prominent strength and fitness related sites. He is also the authored of three renowned strength manuals. For more innovative training solutions, visit

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Mar 16 2008

Grading Pacquiao-Marquez.

It was a tough nip and tuck fight as I predicted. Although not as dramatic as Vazquez-Marquez III, it was still a pretty damn good fight. Both fighters fought through bad cuts trying to impose their will on one another with several momentum changes during the fight. I agreed with the 114-113 score for Pacquiao, however I wouldn’t have bitched at Marquez getting the nod. It was just a damn tough close fight to score.

Both fighters displayed great conditioning deserving an A. Really in speed, and conditioning too. You have to give Manny an A in strength/power since he dropped Juan good and Marquez a B+ stunning and hurting Pacquiao throughout the fight. Both corners deserve an A+ as they steered their fighters very well keeping them focused through several momentum changes throughout the fight.

In losing Marquez is still the best super featherweight with Manny Pac now moving up to lightweight to fight WBC Champ David Diaz in his next fight. I would love to see Marquez fight Joan Guzman or Edwin Valero next. Both would be very exciting fights. Marquez is just such a solid fighter and professional. He is always willing to go through hell to win and is so poised in the ring. A true pro! Juan doesn’t really need to fix anything.

I was surprised to see Manny neglect a lot of the new improved skills he displayed in his previous fights. He relied on his powerful straight left too much. He’s really going to need more than that in his rise to lightweight. Yeah Diaz isn’t an ultra talented fighter but he is a relentless bruising fighter who likes to wear you out. Manny must increase his strength and power for this upcoming fight if he is to win it and not be bullied around the ring by Diaz. As with the rise in weight, so must be the rise in strength/power. Without both Manny is just not going to enjoy the power advantage he had at 130lbs. He’s going to need more than his dynamite Publish Postleft hand and speed to beat Diaz. The well rounded skills he was honing need to come forth. If Manny wants the same success at lightweight he better make some changes in his strength/conditioning regimen now. Or else he’s in for a rude awakening.

Mar 15 2008

Marquez-Pacquiao II Tonight… My prediction

The rematch everyone has been waiting to see is finally here! No you won’t be watching two unskilled and over paid heavyweights… The TRUE big men once again share center stage.

This fight guarantees action as both fighters don’t fuck around in the ring! They are fighting for their countries and the pride behind that. Mix that in with the bad taste of a draw still wet in their mouths and you’ve got a fight that could be a fight of the year candidate. That’s how great it looks on paper and I seriously doubt Manny and Juan will dare perform any different.

I like the positive retooling Freddy Roach has done with Manny Pac. He’s becoming and really is now a more balanced fighter. That was NOT the case in their first fight so Marquez will be facing a totally different beast in the ring tonight. On top of that Manny has reportaly had his best camp since the first Barrera fight. Unlike their first fight, this time he’s focused and in great shape.

On paper Marquez is older, has more wear and tear but the dude is still a helluva fighter! He’s a terrific counter puncher and that may cause Manny fits once again in this fight. Juan is very tough and durable, has good power, he recovers VERY quick when hurt, has good hand speed. Marquez makes it very uncomfortable when your fighting him. He’s very crafty and just knows how to fight. He’ll force Pac to fight like hell tonight cause that’s what Juan is bringing with him. Juan is still pissed and brining extra venom from the outcome of his brother Rafael’s fight with Vazquez a few weeks ago.

It won’t matter as Manny will be too fast and strong for Juan. He’s not that one punch fighter that gassed out and lost focus 4 years ago. Manny’s more balanced skills and speed will allow him to adjust to anything Marquez brings to him. Freddie Roach is a brilliant strategist so their fight plan is going to be solid allowing Manny to stay focused and execute a tough win this time with NO controversy.

Manny Pacquiao by close decision.

Mar 12 2008

This is why you want to develop a powerful upper cut in your boxing workouts.

I feel that the upper cut is the most neglected and lethal punch in a fighters arsenal. It’s a sneaky and viscous punch that can change the fight quick and end it in your favor. Fighters MUST master the upper cut and when to throw it. Want more proof? Check out this clip of Bernard Hopkins vs Joe Lipsey. I remember this fight like it was yesterday. When you watch the clip you’ll see why.

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