Feb 28 2008

This is the crap that goes on behind the scenes in boxing.

Alwyn Cosgrove emailed me this…


To say I wasn’t disgusted and pissed as much as Alwyn was is an understatement. Damn, just when you start to feel great about the momentum boxing is gaining you get assholes like WBC that shit like this.

Look, we all know who the good fighters are. We know the TRUE champions. How much does the ring magazine champ have to pay in sanctioning fees? Not a damn dime! They have more recognition than most off these fighters wearing this junk belts. Notice when a fighter unifies, he doesn’t stay so for long. These alphabet soup dip shits KILL the sport, suck from the fighters. Every fighter should do what Riddick Bowe did years ago ( although his reason was for ducking Lennox Lewis ) throw their belts in the trash and wear the ring belt that carries no corruption with pride!

I met Greg Sirb several times and he is a class act. Boxing needs more people with the passion of the sport and respect for the fighters that Sirb has. WBC President Jose Sulaiman sure as hell doesn’t have any.

Feb 25 2008

Grading Klitschko-Ibragimov

Grading Klitschko-Ibragimov? Who the hell am I kidding? They get an F! Grade them on what? That wasn’t a fight! I mean they weren’t pushed to gauge anything. Tell me the truth, you fell asleep after the six round didn’t you? That’s good, I hope you slept through Kellerman hyping Klitshcko’s jab putting it in the same league as Holmes and Lewis. Mad Max better lay off those espressos or whatever the fuck he drinks to get so amped before the fights. The dude blurts out some what the hell are you thinking bullshit sometimes.

So we had a fight that Wlad dominated with one hand, his jab. Wlad does have a good jab. It’s good but not yet that great. EVERYONE was wondering why the hell wasn’t he wasn’t dropping the so called steal hammer he possesses? Wlad is WAY too safety first. He does not like to engage. Sure he has potential BIG money fights ahead but damn! He could’ve stopped Sultain if he wanted to.

Sultain couldn’t work his way inside as he planned. Klitshko continually knocked Sultain’s jab down while keeping him at bay with his. Sultain had no plan b, no way of adjusting. He started to loose his cool lunging in throwing wild hay maker punches. He looked pretty amateurish in there as his frustration grew.

That was basically the fight. Sultain had no way how getting past Wlad’s jab to lay hands on him and Wlad chose the path of least resistance by staying on the outside punishing Sultain with crisp jabs and occasional hard right hands. Yup, that’s it. Fucking BORING! It’s fights like these that make you actual miss the demented but call it like it is Larry Merchant. We would have had more entertainment listening to Larry whine about the fight!

So if anything was to be graded I think it was the corner work.

Klitschko’s A

Manny was pleased with everything but Wlad’s aggression to go in for the kill. It was there for his taking, but he chose not to go for it. Wlad came in prepared, fit, ripped and used his height and tools to the fullest. Just not his heart and balls. Without them he will never reach the next level. Manny knows this.

Ibragimov’s F

I like Jeff Mayweather. He’s the quietest/classiest Mayweather. I know, I know, who the hell would’ve thought there could be after listening to the constant loony tunes of Floyd and Roger.

Jeff gets an F as his body language said it all in the corner. He had NO answer. No way of getting Sultain sparked and back in the fight. No nothing. He was quiet several times in the corner. There just was no answer or insight for Sultain. So it was round after round of the same. Makes you wonder on who the hell they brought in for sparring Sultain? It sure didn’t look like Sultain had good sparring with tall ranging fighters. Makes you wonder if Jeff will be back with Sultain for his next fight? Who knows, all I know is I hope Klitschko vs. WBA heavyweight champ Ruslan Chagaev isn’t made next cause we could be seeing the same scenario again!

The real big men will be fighting this weekend. Oooooh yes! Varquez-Marquez III is this Saturday night! The super bantamweights are proving to be the true big men of the sport. Watch Saturday night to see for yourself.

Feb 23 2008

Wladimir Klitschko vs Sultain Ibragimov… My Pick

Tonight’s heavyweight match up features something that hasn’t happened in 8 years…. UNIFICATION. Finally the right steps are being made to clear the muddled mess in the heavyweight division.

Tonights fight doesn’t guarantee fireworks as both fighters aren’t true sluggers. I think we may see a stinker with Klitschko boxing and controlling the fight with his ramrod jab, or some good action with Sultan using angles to get inside and working Wlad’s body and heads in close. That is what Sultain MUST do to win. If he stays on the outside, he gets outpointed or possibly stopped. That will just play into Wlad’s strengths. If Sultain can work inside he has a chance to upset Klitschko. Sultain does have fast hands, good footwork, power and can box well using lateral movement punching in on angles, but again he must work to do this on the inside and not the outside in this fight.

Klitschko tipped the scales at 238 while Sultain 219. Speed will be shown tonight and will be the key to victory. Wlad must snap fast hard jabs to control Sultain from outside and Sultan must use quick lateral movement, head movement, and hand speed to score on Wlad when he sees openings.

I think it will be a close fight in the early to mid rounds but Wladimir’s size and strength will start to take over in the late rounds IF he can keep Sultain on the outside. Sultain is very determined and if HE can establish a relentless body attack early, Klitschko could be the one to wither in the late rounds.

I want Sultain to win, but I like the weight Wladimir came in at and I think he will take over in the championship rounds and win a rugged decision.
Enjoy the fight!

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Feb 18 2008

Pavlik-Taylor II… The Grades Are In.

Pavlik-Taylor II sure wasn’t as exciting as their first fight, but it still wasn’t that bad of a scrap. MUCH props for Taylor fighting the way he did. His improved defense surprised many. His jab was sharp and his conditioning was better.

Pavlik looked flat. Pushed his punches and didn’t really get into the fight until the 7th round. Hell, it was a great experience for him as this was the first time he went 12 rounds. He took all the championship rounds as a good champ should. He showed he could carry his power into the late rounds severely hurting Taylor to the body in the 11th round. He needs to be far sharper though in his next outing and whatever caused him to perform flat, he better make sure it doesn’t happen again. Although he was off, he was consistent at what he could do round after round and that too was impressive.

Their grades are as follows.


Pavlik B+

Taylor B+

Pavlik just wasn’t busy enough to really gauge his conditioning. His work ethic in camp is never doubted, I just wonder what means Loew used to condition him? He needs to be far busier in his next fight. The best of them have off nights though.

Taylor showed much improved conditioning. He was aggressive from the get go to the late rounds. He said he spent more time conditioning for this fight than he did in his last. That was no bullshit as he really kept Pavlik from doing what he completely wanted. Jermain’s condition wasn’t the problem in this fight. He was just in the ring with a better fighter that night.


Pavlik B-
Taylor A

Pavlik wasn’t pushed around but he really didn’t seem as strong as the first fight. Maybe it was adjusting to the heavier weight, who knows. When he decides to move up to 168 for good, he needs to improve his strength as he won’t be pushing guys around at that weight.

Taylor was always a strong fighter. This is never an issue with him. He will have no problem with carrying his strength to 168 and even improving upon it. If he wants to win another world title at 168, it’s time he brings in a qualified strength coach.


Pavlik B-
Taylor B+

Pavlik never had Jermain badly hurt in this fight. Of course Taylors slipping and blocking Pavlik’s heavy right hand had a lot to do with this. I get the notion that Pavlik’s team didn’t have him performing the right kind of power training to allow him to summon the power as he usually does. Something was wrong in this fight. Whether it was a preparation issue or a nutritional one, Pavlik just can’t afford to have that happen again against world class opposition.

You could hear the thud of Taylor’s power punches. That says it all. Pavlik’s chin is just that good. Taylor showed he still has the power in that jab to shut any other fighter down. His right hand was really crisp that night too. If Roy Jones Jr. signs to fight Taylor, Taylor has the power to land Roy’s ass on the canvass for the count of ten again.


Pavlik C
Taylor A

Pavlik’s punches lacked snap and speed. He couldn’t double up his jab on Jermain. His speed was nothing like it was in the first fight. He just looked so sluggish. He can’t afford to have this happen against a heavy handed counter puncher if he wants to keep his title. Preparation MUST improve and not allow for let downs.

Taylor was sharp and fast. His jab was on. He was fast on defense picking off and slipping Kelly’s punches. Big props to Ozell for having Taylor faster and just all around better in this fight. It looks like Taylor may fight Roy Jones in June. I think Taylors strong and fast jab gives Roy fits. Roy isn’t going to like the taste of Taylor’s right hand that’s going to be served after those fast jabs. If Jermain can keep his speed and conditioning up, he certainly can rejuvenate his career at 168.

Although Kelly won and I had it scored 115-113. There was no loser in this fight. Look for both to make a lot of noise at 168 which will perhaps lead to Pavlik-Taylor III