Does developing a big bench press in a boxer’s workout deliver big power?

I get asked this question a lot and I feel it’s long over due that I post my thoughts on this question.. Here is a post I answered on fight corner concerning training with the bench press for increased punching power. Lets put this question to rest.

Rob, Taking into account weight training and it’s relationship to improving sport form whats your thoughts on accomodating resistance training for the bench press for improving punching? Kevin

Kevin…For improving punching power I focus more on training the lats, legs, and core.Since I’m a skill trainer I see improving technique ( a lot of fighters arm punch) along with the above enhances punching power BIG time.Fighters develop pronated shoulders, tight upper abdominals, and a kyphotic posture. Having fighters bench press on top of this wouldn’t be wise. Address the imbalances ( tight muscles,weak muscles) and punching power improves.

Mobility work in the hips and core will go along ways too.Kevin, Look at how a fighter punches. In fact go to youtube look at Gerald McClellan’s highlight clip( One of the hardest middleweight punchers ever ) and watch that nasty right hand of his put people to sleep watch where the power comes from, and tell me if bench pressing addresses where the power comes from and if it would have improved that hellacious punch of his even more.

The bench press is a good general exercise, but don’t expect to have a big punch along with a big bench. With the imbalances that fighters develop, it wouldn’t be a good general exercise to use until the imbalances are addressed.

Look closer at great punchers Kevin.

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