Cotto Has Broadened His Boxing Skills Effectively Well.

Miguel Cotto won the biggest fight of his life this past weekend. In doing so he impressed many with his speed and ability to out box Mosley at times.

Mosley also deserves much praise with the way he fought. At 36 and still coming at Cotto the way he did in the closing rounds, shows what kind of fighter Mosley is, and always was.

Mosley loves that shit, he loves to fight, ya he loves to make the mega bucks, but the actually fighting is what Shane really digs.

To bad more fighters aren’t like that.

Cotto is not known for his boxing ability. His relentless, rugged aggression, and fierce body attack are what make him the dominant fighter he is.

With his shown ability to box with a fighter that has great speed, it makes it hard to pick against Miguel in future fights.

There’s a lot of basic things Miguel did great in the fight too.. Working his jab the way he did being one of them.

Proof again, what just a great jab and solid boxing basics can do for a fighter in big fights.

You can’t help but give Cotto big props for expanding his skills and adding to his style. His work ethic is amazing and has allowed him to do this with seemingly ease.

Cotto is like Mosley, they both like to fight. They both take the sport very seriously. Both of them are willing to put in the work, and still learn and add what ever is necessary to win.

Money just isn’t everything to them, legacy is. That’s why Cotto and Mosley will fight anybody.

For years to come Mosley’s name will be reverend, if Cotto can keep up his work ethic, his name will be too.

That’s what fighting is about. True fighters understand that money goes, legacy lives.

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