Jul 13 2007

These two promotional firms are kicking away the casket!

Boxing is dying huh?… Damn! I gotta tell you how much this annoys me to even write this statement…..

I hate hearing that bullshit! Cause those of us in the know… Know how ludicrous that is….as I have written about it before….

Well you may be thinking…. Hey smart ass!.. How can you still think that way after all that has been written to the contrary?

I’ll tell you why….

The relationship between Golden Boy and Top Rank (Bob Arum) has been reconciled…

This opens the opportunity and reality for HUGE fights to happen….

Fights like Manny Paq vs.Juan Manual Marquez II

Provided Margarito wins tomorrow… Cotto vs. Margarito

If not, then Mosley vs. Cotto will be made…

These are two VERY proactive promotional power houses and the best in boxing right now…

They will work together to bring more livelier, entertaining, and memorable events….

Both of these power houses stable of star studded fighters backs this statement…

There is no grave site in sight for boxing….

Just the reality of soon to be packed venues and fans greatly anticipating these and more big fights… that get the fans hyped….

Ya… I know it pisses you haters off that the Hurst has now made a U turn….