Apr 24 2007

Winning at all costs?… There is no other way….

Hey all… This is a great topic to discuss.. That was discussed a bit..on another message board…The importance of winning… How important is it?.. Compared to Losing?

Well.. In many, and most situations, activities, and sports.. It must be…It has to be to get you through the breaking points.. the points that usually crush the average person, and having the thinking it’s OK I can come back another day and try again… That thinking in tough times is not good for extreme, dangerous sports like…

Let’s take combat fighting for example… Those of us that compete or have competed in combat sports know that winning is everything.. It has to be to keep you from going out on a stretcher.. But more so we seek it as…. It is a very sensual, climatic feeling that gives us ultimate pleasure.. hmmmm see the correlation to the other activity we all dig… Don’t worry.. It’s alright!.. I’m not going XXX here.. Not here.. But.. If you talk to be in person.. I must warn you.. I have some XXX analogies I use sometimes as examples for certain situations in fight sports to help get the point across… Yes.. I know.. I agree with you.. I am one sick F***! .. What can I say!?..

Now.. where was I?.. Oh yes… at the same time it can be short lived as we now focus on.. next.. what’s next.. who’s next.. your managers already talking of the next fight after your sensational win…

Compare the above exotic..ummm Damn it.. Sorry!.. I mean glorified feeling to the most painful and demoralizing feeling of losing…

Losing just sucks! Period.. You know what.. It has to be to.. if you want to make it out in one piece when your in the ring, or Octagon..

That’s not being a sore loser.. That’s being real!

We athletes fighters have to live with that.. We are on a high one moment, walking on water, and bang!.. Just like that.. we lose.. We can feel like the biggest losers ever…Can is the word.. You don’t and mustn’t think that.. but many do have this feeling..Again That’s being real and those of us that are truly training in the fight sports, or train athletes in general know this…

That’s why great trainers, and corner man like Teddy Atlas use the feeling of losing as a powerful anchor, motivator, and reminder for his fighters to get them through the tough and bleak moments of the fight…

Teddy Atlas knows what losing can do to a fighter, (persons) mindset… It’s a slow, pain that eat can eat at you..

Nobody wants that…

If the ring, or Octagon.. When the going gets tough.. and defeat is right in your face,.. getting ready to swallow you.. The last thing you want in your mind is the thought of.. Hey.. it’s OK.. I can live and fight another day.. I can just learn from this…. Hey…did you just hear the burp defeat let out?

Exactly.. That’s what happens to you in pressure situations thinking that way… Thinking that way gets you beat.. thinking that way can be a habit.. making you weak when you face the tough spots.. making you fold…giving you that false belief that it’s OK…

True learning is getting through those tough spots.. That’s true growth.. That’s were you learn more about yourself than ever…That’s were you develop much envied character…

You have to and must think that losing isn’t possible, you think of the horrible feeling.. what defeat will do to you.. all the while at the same time knowing that the pain and fatigue your feeling now will go away, it will pass.. but the win you are seeking will be in the record books for ever… that will not go away or die.. it will be there as a reminder to you of what you chose to do and feel.. What you did not give in too…What you truly focused on..

Is winning everything?.. What do you want the record book to read when you are old and on your rocking chair looking at it? W or L…. What do you want your grand kids to read?

PS.. I know in other areas of life.. defeat is a short lived lesson.. we all make mistakes and grow, and yes the mistakes, and losses are blessings and lessons…that further our growth.. We must look at that that way, as the strong do..


In many sports, combat particularly… That thinking will get your ass kicked get you hurt when your in the tough spots and will snatch victory from you.. That’s also just what your tired, ready to go, but not showing it opponent wants you to think…so he can snatch the desired W…

Apr 16 2007

Good Times…..

I know it’s been a little while since I last posted… been crazy busy coming back after Easter break..

BTW.. Hope every ones was well.. I spent time with my family which is number one to me.. Great time..

While I was up in cold, snow flurry, Ohio… I stopped by the Elitefts headquarters which is not to far a drive away from my family’s home and taught Dave Tate how to hit the heavy bag as he requested…

After working with Dave.. I got to bullshit with Jim Wendler a bit and that is always a blast..

Good times as I have an article about the experience and pics of Dave hitting the heavy bag in this months upcoming( Ya I send them out a bit late!) Pilgerstrainingsystems.com and Theultimateboxingworkout.com newsletters..

Check the article and pics out.. The pics are cool..

Apr 7 2007

Dont Knock It Till Youve Tried It.

I always hear trainers and trainees knocking certain training systems without even trying them or really knowing what they truly are about.

This is one thing that pisses me off.

Those people are usually the ones that chase their tales in training and make little to no gains.

More so because of their time spent on the internet and not the weight room..

Ahhh yes the Internet super trainer.

You put those trainers in the gym with their clients and you wouldnt be able to tell whos the trainer and whos the client..

The good trainers and trainees are always willing to experiment and try things. They keep an open mind.

For a brief time I was the guy that followed one certain system and had a close mind to others.

Man am I glad I flipped!

This has allowed my athletes, clients, and I to keep experiencing greater gains in our training.

I owe this to being truly open minded and willing to listen and try methods before I knock them and shut them out..

Doing otherwise is insane!