Oct 20 2016

Often The Missing Ingredient In Training.

I have now scheduled deep tissue massage and ART work into my training.

I’m not going to live in pain due to neglecting my oft tissue, I was in agonizing pain then past few days in my scapulo-thoracic region, the culprit, the posterior shoulder capsul, levator scapula, and tricep, where they converge.

Getting deep tissue work done yesterday and feeling all the trigger points and knots being addressed wokr me up.

Enough is enough. No more neglect when I know better.

I have felt SO much better since, all that tension and locked up energy, release. Feeling MUCH less stressed.
Training for life is my goal, taking care of my soft tissue work with scheduled consistent soft tissue work will allow that, and allow a higher level of it.

Oct 18 2016

Create That 3rd Place.

Having a state of the art gym guarantees little without soul, it has to have soul to become that 3rd place.

People don’t want to go to a gym, they want that experience, that environment, atmosphere, that ignites them from the inside out.

Create that, we have a BIG chain gym down the street from us and it matters not.

Chains follow scripts, focus on environment, atmosphere, with a unique training experince backed by sound training principles.

Become a 3rd place, not just another place where they could… go…

Oct 12 2016

RIP Aaron Pryor.

One of the most relentless with insane stamina the boxing world has ever seen. He will live forever in boxing history with his victories over Alexis Arguello. RIP Champ.

Oct 5 2016

The Golden Eras Of Heavyweight Boxing.

The 90’s heavyweight era would have went toe to toe with the 70’s era of heavyweights.
Holyfield vs Frazier


Bowe vs Frazier

Tyson Shavers






Think about those fights!