Dec 6 2016

The Truth Of Salesmanship.

One of the most misconceiving things about sales is that people mistake fast/good talkers as getting more sales, but it’s actually the best listeners that do. They listen twice as much as they talk.
Selling is really empathy in action.

Dec 1 2016

Grow or Erode.

I love to visit other legit gyms and learn and pick things up along with design.

This legendary gym was everything I thought it would be. What a great intermixture of people and former champions.

The look, feel, and energy.

We can always improve and get better. We as coaches as well as our gym.

Grow or erode.

I love to grow


Nov 28 2016

Why Andre Ward Really Won The Fight.

Upon watching the Kovalev-Ward reply Virgil Hunter clearly was the better corner man and out coached Jackson. Obviously being live at the fight I couldn’t hear but could read body language by the two trainers and I was disappointed by the lack of urgency in Kovalev’s corner while Virgil kept it real the whole fight for Andre. There is a stark difference between a good trainer in the gym and a corner man in the fight when it matters the most.

Nov 10 2016

People: The BEST Entertainment.

I always enjoy when walking down an aisle in a store when it’s just you and the other person what that other person does.

Why do people get freaked out or so uncomfortable when this happens?? Some people stop and act like they are looking for a certain something, know they aren’t they just can stand being uncomfortable in this situation, others stare at the fucking ground rather than look at you, in the eyes? Forget about it! Others act like there just got a text or have to make a call stopping and turning, others just look up or away.

I find very few will comfortably pass by you exchanging a kind pleasantry, looking you in the eyes when doing so.

Personally, that’s what I do, I enjoy a small greeting, and smile to a stranger, even a small pause of small talk.

I sure as hell don’t get freaked out with the look of shitting ones pants!

People are the best entertainment…